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Silicon is a beneficial nutrient

Silicon enhances the growth of some pot plants. Silicon also prolongs vase life of several cut flowers. Moreover the nutrient can enhance disease resistance: cereals and cucumber are less sensitive to powdery mildew and roses get more resistance to black spot disease. Last but not least silicon gives some protection against stress situations like drought stress and aluminium and manganese toxicity.

Silicon in practice
It is striking that the knowledge about such a beneficial nutrient is so fragmented. Therefore provision of information about the use of silicon in arable and horticulture practice is the main purpose of Silicon nutrition. Silicon nutrition collects and opens up the available information and publishes this knowledge in articles, reports and the bimonthly digital newsletter Plant nutrition courier - including Beneficial nutrients news.

New in bookshop

Marschner's Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants    Info

Handbook describes > 200 laboratory and field chemical tests    Info

The organizing committee of the 5th International Conference on Silicon in Agriculture makes the proceedings of this conference available through the website of Silicon nutrition.   
Click here for a free PDF copy of the proceedings (ca. 2.6 Mb).


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